Planting trees

Small patches of thick, fast-growing native forests may be established in a wide range of sites across the city, including residential housing societies, gardens, industrial regions, corporate and IT parks, and MIDC districts. Using the indicated technique, forests expand 10 times faster, 30 times denser, and 100 more biodiversity than monoculture plantations compared to monoculture plantations.

Free Tutoring and Financial help for Poor Students

In today's world, a college degree is more useful than ever before. According to research, a bachelor's degree is expected to be needed for 65 percent of job vacancies in 2020. Higher education is essential for professional advancement since college graduates earn twice as much as their non-degree-holding counterparts.

About Organization

As a non-profit organization, the Team Colours promotes diversity and inclusiveness. When it was founded, the main goal was to help students who could not pay their tuition and other school-related costs. As a surprise, the Team Colours's activities worked well, and we were pleased to help a lot of low-income kids complete their education and get their lives back on track. Everything appeared to be going the same way until we realized that climate change is a far greater threat to our civilization and is now being ignored totally. Unless immediate action is taken, the World Bank estimates that more than 100 million people will fall back into poverty by 2030. According to our team's findings, people aren't taking action after conducting a thorough examination because they lack the information and incentive to do so.

Our current projects

Career Counselling

We are planning to provide career counselling services to individuals keeping in view their aptitude, personality, interests and other related aspects. After thorough evaluation, we shall suggest our clients the perfect career choice among all available options.

Mental Health Counselling

In recent times, India has witnessed a dramatic surge in mental health problems leading towards many disorders and even suicide in some cases. WHO estimates that about 7.5% Indians suffer from mental anxiety. Team Colours has decided to embark on a new journey; we will render mental health counselling to all those entangled in their emotional, social, personal or interpersonal problems.

Mobile Application

With an increasing scope of online activities, Team Colours feels the need for a well-designed SMS-based android application. In this regard, we are in contact with several app developer companies, and we hope to launch our official application soon.

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Mr.RaviTeja G

Hailing from a humble background, Ravi, an ambitious youth, has 9 years of experience in corporate sector with multiple national companies. Also, he has 5 years of experience in humanitarian aid and related projects.

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Mr.Srinivas G

Srinivas, a young lad inspired by the passion to serve humanity, worked side by side with Ravi in the creation of Team Colours. It was his idea that motivated Ravi to incorporate the climate change issue into the core mission of the organisation.

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Mr.Venkat D

Team Colours believes that regular meetings are vital to the realization of its missions and goals. Venkat, a young man with excellent management skills, ensures that the team meets after regular intervals and issues of vital importance are addressed without any delay.

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Certification program

Learn Career Leading Skills And Earn Cetificate

we will provide virtual training sessions and provide them free certification

  •   Placement Skills
  •   Management Skills and On-Floor working skills
  •   Business development , Sales and Marketing Skills
  •   Networking and team management skills

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